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Welcome to my Notebook, I'm Danny Turley, a student studying a Masters in Multidisciplinary Design, a Web Designer and iPhone Developer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Tutorial #4


28 October 09 | Posted in Design Thinking,Multidisciplinary Design

1 billion Tutorial #4

It was great to finally get talking to Joseph McBrinn about the two assessments. I really did not what to do for each assignment, and was good to talk to Joseph as I was finding a lot of the reading material very difficult to comprehend. Although I did notice that from reading the difficult texts, I found reading other material to be much easier and my overall understanding was improving.

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Resources for developing iPhone Web Apps


19 October 09 | Posted in iPhone

iphone safari Resources for developing iPhone Web Apps

I have been thinking of doing a post like this for a long time, and over the last 6 months I have seen a large number of iPhone related posts appearing all over the web, but I didn’t come across a post that collectively brought you a list of reliable resources on, how to develop a Web App. This post brings together around a years worth of bookmarking, and reading that I did in preparation for developing Performa Sports. I am not a fan of posts that have 100s of links so I have condensed the contents down to the resources that I found really useful, and hopefully you will to.

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Tutorial #3


tutorial 3 Tutorial #3

Firstly, we began our tutorial session with me showing Nicklas Persson my new personal website and blog. I had developed the new site in HTML 5 and CSS3, so was quite interested to hear what Nicklas thoughts of the design and code of the new site. He was able to give me some pointers to more or less optimise the site further, with changing the images to PNG-24, and adding some whitespace to the overall design of the site.

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Tutorial #2


ob pn s Tutorial #2

Friday 9th October, I had my 2nd Tutorial with Chris Murphy, and fellow Masters student Mr Brian Burns, as we discussed setting up a new venture together under the name of DubbleTap. We talked about the strategic planning of DubbleTap, and a few potential iPhone Apps that we would like to develop down the line. In particular we agreed to start building our first App based on Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies.

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